Kalahurka Sporting News

July 28, 2014

One of the things that I really love about KC is that we have a major league baseball team.  I have to say, going to the ballpark is one of my favorite recreational activities.  Bill and I have a ten-game package for various Friday date nights, and we’ve managed to pick up some additional tickets here and there.  This past weekend, a friend gave me six tickets for some great seats, and so we took Poppi, Puter, Billy and Amelia along for the fun.

Admittedly, I was a little anxious at how the kids would behave — would they sit still and enjoy the game?  Would they complain the whole time and make it miserable for everyone?  The answer — they did okay(thanks mostly to Puter’s willingness to take them for several innings to all of the kids’ fun stuff in the outfield portion of the stadium).

Billy, I think, has more ball-game watching potential than Amelia.  He sat relatively still for most of the time he was in our seats.  At times, he would hold his little glove in the air and yell, “Hit the ball to me!!”  Super cute.  Amelia was not so patient.  Basically, if she was not being fed sugary treats or taken on trips to the outfield playground, she was complaining.  Definitely some work to do with her, but I’m not yet ready to completely write off the idea of future family outings to the ball park.

One part of our day that both of the kids enjoyed was running the bases after the game.  Definitely cool for our Billy to get to run in the actual footsteps of Billy Butler,  Alex Gordan and Eric Hosmer!  He was one of the smallest ones running, but he made it all the way around without slowing.  I’m not sure whether to credit his enthusiasm or the large quantity of Mountain Dew that he drank when Bill wasn’t keeping an eye on his glass . . . .

Another sports-related highlight of our week was that Amelia really enjoyed gymnastics camp.  Every single day she came home and proclaimed it to have been “THE. MOST. AWESOMEST. DAY. EVER!!!”  She did so well in camp that she was invited to join the “hot shots” team.  We have been told that this is an “invitation only group for little gymnasts with big potential.”  What it really means is that we will have to take her to the gym two times each week and pay for more classes.

It led to a long discussion.

Bill:  “You know, this is a slippery slope.”
Steph:  “Yes.  Two classes will lead to three.  Then they will say, ‘If you want her to be really good, she will need private lessons and dance classes.'”
Bill:  “Yes, and each ‘invitation’ will mean more time commitment and more money.”
Steph:  “So do we head this off at the pass and tell our excited little hot shot ‘no?'”
Bill:  “She really is good.”
Steph:  “Yes, she’s definitely good.”
Bill:  “Sigh, I will ask Mom if she can pick Amelia up from school on Wednesdays to go to her extra class.”

And so we begin our slide down the slippery slope.  We did, however, agree to stop the slide whenever Amelia wants.  If there should come a time when she no longer wants to be a hot shot, we will sign her up for the neighborhood soccer team instead.  Amelia, please hold me to this commitment . . . .

Until next week.

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  1. Love that picture of Billy! It’s so cool that the kids can run the bases. And way to go gymnast Amelia!

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