June 26, 2014

There is something about summertime in KC. It gets hot here, but it’s not the same unrelenting heat that you have for four months straight in Texas. It also calls to you. I’ve found that it is VERY difficult to just stay inside on a summer afternoon or evening here. I have decided this must be a product of the long winter months when you can’t get outside at all (or when you have to wear 6 layers of clothing and rubber boots just to get from the door to the car). There’s an instinctual feeling of “let’s not waste the warmth.” A feeling of “let’s get the most out of outdoor grilling, water play, drinking icy beverages while lounging on the back porch, walking to get some ice cream.” That feeling somehow cancels out the more unpleasant aspects of being hot.

This week has been a super crazy week. I’ve been in the office about 10-12 hours each day, just trying to tie up loose ends and make sure I don’t leave anyone with serious inconvenience when I transition jobs next week. Somehow I don’t feel any closer to wrapping things up though. Seems like new stuff just keeps cropping up everywhere! I’m going to be ready for vacation next week. VERY READY.

The highlight of my week was softball night. Our firm team won our third straight game. Poppi, Puter, Bill and the Kalhaurka Kiddos came out to cheer. I made a bunch of errors at second base, but somehow we still pulled it out. We made a Mock-u-Mentary of our game. You can watch that below. Also, my existing firm has generously extended an offer for me to remain on the softball team, even if I’m not working here anymore. Can you say, “Best of Both Worlds??”

The Kalahurka Kiddos are also enjoying this summer. Bill has been taking them to swimming lessons every afternoon after preschool. As soon as they get home, they both like to take off their wet suits and run around naked until bed time. I know I should probably object to this practice, but there’s just nothing on earth that is more cute than a couple of naked Kalahurka Kiddoes with swimsuit tans and super white bottoms. So we let them run naked. I guess no one has ever accused us of being overly civilized.

Speaking of civilized, the metal on our new house slide was installed today. Look out!! Photos and videos of crazy slide action to come!!

One comment

  1. All your wonderful news just makes me feel happy! Can’t wait to see you soon!

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