June 19, 2014


I think it was Carl Sandburg who once said, Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.

I think he only got that part right.

Time probably is the only real coin in my life, but like every other currency, there just never seems to be enough of it!”

Last weekend, for example.  It was Father’s Day, and I have been saving little snippit videos and photos of the kids and Bill for a few months now.  I thought I would pull them all together in a special Father’s Day video.

It didn’t happen.

I know this sounds really lame, but I really just didn’t have time.  And, if I’m being totally honest, I waited too long to get started.  If I had started earlier, I might not have run into the time crunch.  Anyway, I hope Bill (and the kiddos) will forgive me for being late.

Don’t get your hopes up — it’s still not done.  I will find time though.  Some things are important, even if not urgent (I think that one comes from Stephen Covey).

So how about a report on Bill’s Kilt Potty Training System?  So far, so good.  Billy had a lot of potty training success over the weekend AND we did not have to sit at home the whole time.  Bill and the kids (with Bill and Billy in kilts) went to the zoo on Friday.  We all went to see a movie on Sunday.  There were playdates and other fun things on Saturday.  AND NO ACCIDENTS!!  I’m thinking I should maybe market this idea . . . .   Add another item to that list of things I don’t have time to get to.

In other news, a job change is on the horizon.  The firm I used to work for in Austin has offered to let me come back, but working from KC.  I have to say, there are some wonderful folks at my new KC firm, but saying yes to the guys in Austin felt like walking back into my own house after a very long, and rather stressful long-distance vacation.  Ahhhhhhh . . . .   I think the last piece of our happy life in Kansas City just clicked neatly into place.  AND . . . wait for it . . . I’ll be a PARTNER!!  I’m still trying that word on for size.  It feels so, well, grown up.  It also finally feels like it fits.  The time is right.  Good things for the Kalahurka Family ahead.

Speaking of “ahead,” we are really looking forward to our trip to Texas in a couple of weeks.  Lots of hugs to hand out.  I’ve been storing them up for Nanny, Paw Paw, my nieces and nephews and even my Ugly Brothers!  It’s been too long.

One comment

  1. Congrats, Steph! That sure says a lot about how much they valued your contributions, to woo you back as a partner who works remotely! Way to go!

    And also, hooray for the kilt training!

    Tara (& Millie)

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