I Need You Daddy!!!!

January 10, 2014

So this past Friday, Bill and his Dad went to Indianapolis to watch the Chiefs play the Colts in an NFL Playoff Game.  Unfortunately, the Chiefs lost.  WORSE, it snowed 12 inches and the temps dropped to -12 degrees in Indianapolis immediately after the game.  Bill and his Dad were stuck there for three extra days.

I know that your first inclination is to worry about Bill and Poppi.  They didn’t have proper clothes for such cold weather.  They had to live nearly a week in two changes of clothes and eating only LaQuinta waffles and vending machine food (all of the restaurants were closed).  Then, they had to drive all the way home (flights were still cancelled through today) in treacherous conditions on icy roads.

But don’t worry about them!!  They made it home just fine last night.

You should be worried about me!!!

While Bill was unexpectedly stuck in Indianapolis, I was unexpectedly stuck in KC (also icy and cold), with my two crazy offspring.  This was something that I quickly realized I am ill-prepared for.

Thanks to Puter, Debbie and Katie, I survived the weekend and the subsequent three days without Bill.  Puter provided a camp-out for us all at the Embassy Suites on Saturday night, Katie arranged for a Kiddo-Friendly show on Saturday afternoon and Debbie and Puter helped out with dinner on a couple of nights.  Still, it was a very trying time for Mommy Kalahurka.

Primarily because Amelia waited until her Dad was out of town to start asking me all sorts of tough questions . . .

Amelia:  “Mommy, Where do we go when we die??”

Amelia:  “Mommy, I’m going to miss you when you die?”

Amelia:  “Mommy, if the baby grows in a mommy’s tummy and a doctor takes it out, how does it get in there?”

I kid you not!!!  It was like she was saving it up for when the person with all of the answers was absent!!!

Fortunately, I was able to dodge and duck until Bill got home.  He’s way better at explaining all-things-complicated than I am!!!

Billy, unlike his sister, did not ask such hard questions.  When told that Daddy was stuck in Indianapolis and could not come home, Billy did not attack me with the philosophic inquisition . . . . Billy simply asked, “Daddy is stuck?  Why can’t he get the door open??”

Well, Daddy Kalahurka, I’m glad that the doors out of Indianapolis finally opened and you have come home safely to us.  I need you!!

One comment

  1. This is TOO funny! I guess it’s all a matter of perspective because my first thought was NOT “poor Bill.” It was “poor Steph!!” Actually, three days of forced relaxation in a hotel with nothing but a tv and reading to keep me busy sounds pretty darn nice. Oh, and wonderful, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep! Just thinking about being left alone in freezing temps with two crazies – and with no time to mentally prepare – makes my heart race. I’m glad you survived okay and that you had some help. Thinking of you guys and hope you get some time off this weekend!

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